Lyle Dillie

Has graciously volunteered to help with this Website!

He is a designer from Desert Sea Design, a marketing and design studio, and has committed to help revamp our wordpress site.
He is a 8 year Vet who did 2 tours in Iraq as a photojournalist. Also, he is now an administrator on our Facebook page.

You can check out his amazing art work in his projects section on Desert Sea Design at or just click on the artwork below.

“A Soldiers Burden is an unique experience to acknowledge the sacrifice members of the US military are currently making being away from the family and friends. Some of our members of the military are on there 3rd, 4th and even 5th deployment to Iraq and/or Afghanistan, missing anniversaries, birthdays, childhood milestones and even their children’s birth. This piece has been created by Lyle Dillie, an Army veteran, with photos and sounds to create multiple videos on the Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts, an original musical score (by Steve Gamo) and hand painted visages of modern American Soldiers and Marines.”

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