Dan Hawk(yellowbronco)

Artist | Student | Traditional Art

United States
Current Residence: Virginia Beach , Virginia , U.S.A.

Dan was deployed for over 20 years on submarines.  Enjoying retirement with his 4 kids on the beach of Virginia he finds many subjects for his art at the biggest Navy Base in the World, Norfolk, Va.  Suffering from a Traumatic Brain Injury, Art school is currently a fulfilling struggle for him.

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Taylor on Fire
I was practicing with my watercolors, experimenting with the triadic harmonies and this was happily what came out. A painting inspired by Taylor Swift, I painted many added colors to to her face and body.

His call sign (yellowbronco) is derived from the yellow truck he drives.
He is a retired disabled veteran artist making a difference by connecting veterans that are artists. Using the camaraderie of military service and the healing power of art he has created a community through social networks, art groups and web sights. Having created Artwork by Veterans, he has provided place for vets to showcase their art work , meet other vets with the same interests and to heal from the wounds of war by supporting each other through art.  Artwork by Veterans inspires greater understanding of the real impact of war with a focus on the healing aspect Art provides . The links are set up as a museum to collect, preserve and exhibit art inspired by military service and created by veterans.

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