War Veteran Artist Shows Blood for Brothers

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“This is my latest work, it is a sculpture known as “Survivors Guilt” explains Ray Queen.
“The use of the blood in the piece is meant to represent the blood that was shed as well as the loss of life in combat. I chose to use pig blood specifically to reference the people we fought against, Islamic Extremists and their abhorrence to anything related to pigs. The flag is more than a simple representation of the United States, this flag was flown over the White House in my honor while I was deployed and given to my wife by the Governor of Texas, I chose this specific flag because it is a sacrifice I made for the piece and represents the sacrifices we all made in combat. I chose to use my hands to hold the weapon because I feel guilty for having survived combat when so many people did not. I chose to make this piece not to make others feel the way that I do, but to show that everyone, no matter what their background are survivors in a way, and that guilt soldiers feel is shared between us all equally. Not all fallen soldiers are lost in combat.

The last two pictures are of me, standing in front of the piece, reflected in the blood.

“Lions do not lose sleep….over the opinions of sheep.”

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