Artwork by Veterans help request

We did a group and painting at the Vet Center where we played musical chairs taking four colors of paint with us around the table thus giving the piece some unity. It reminds me of an oriental yellow brick road scene when stood vertically.
roughly 12”X5” acrylic

Artwork by Veterans needs your help! We are looking for people to help with our support network. I am a artist Wounded Warrior Alumni who finds great comfort, hope and peace when painting or creating a variety of media. We have people who do not think of themselves as artist finding help as well. Having received art therapy support during my time in a military hospital in Virginia and then not finding art programs like this on the outside was confusing. It seemed so simple to me to provide this type of support. So I created my own. Artwork by Veterans is a small group primarily designed to give warriors an environment to share experiences, get help and help each other with issues involving service. We did a group hand painting the other day that was allot of fun for us as you can see by the picture.

What we need are people who are willing to help run this program. I am feeling overwhelmed with the responses. I will post just a few of the requests here. Many are over a year old and I am just today getting to them.

“As a dabbling photographer/painter, last night I wondered if the arts were offered to our veterans for the purposes of healing, socializing and showcasing talents. Searched today & am thrilled to see “The American Healing Arts Foundation” and the “Artwork by Veterans Gallery”! Will this artwork be displayed in a catalog & circulated? Framed photos, photos on packages of note-size cards, on mugs, key-chains, magnets & so forth…could be compiled to circulate in schools for pre-holiday gift-giving rather than (or in addition to) the regular sweets & cheese catalogs, and various others. Students would be so proud to bring your art home for parents to choose gifts from! (No need to put incentive gimicks on kids/parents…as with other “fundraisers”). Just a strait-forward idea to spread your word & share your art. What about gift kiosks or items showcased in “Hallmark shops”? I am a stay-at-home mom who would love to, somehow, actively help support your vision for these awesome artists! Please let me know if I may volunteer in some way – Margaret”

“I would like more information please. I have served 3 civilian tours in Afghanistan and my Force Pro soldiers are forever my heroes! I know one Sgt. who has served 2 tours, is injured, and now is currently burning up the canvas with his beautiful and sometimes haunting artwork!! I know this is an outlet for him, but the world deserves to see his talent!!”

“I am a Cold War Marine Corps veteran who after my discharge studied at various art schools for about ten years in the SF Bay Area. I have also been diagnosed with PTSD, which is the main reason why I have not had as much success as I could career wise. I have looked over this site and am interested in exhibiting my pieces here. I have been in a number of veterans art shows and have also had work published. As a classically trained artist, I am doing pieces that depict Cold War military operations and themes, something that has gotten little attention from the art world. I also do prehistoric and fantasy subjects. Would like to hear back from you about getting aboard. In the meantime, here is a link to my FACEBOOK page which displays some of my work. Thank you for your time and this site. Sincerely, John F. Davies USMC 197-1985”

“To Whom It Concerns, I have an MA in Art Therapy and I am very interested in working with the military community. I was just wondering where you are located and whether or not you have any available jobs for Art Therapists. I hope to hear from you soon. Thank you for your time! Sincerely, Kelsey”

“I contact you on behalf of a committee that is hosting a “Military Appreciation Day” on May 17th in Clovis, California. We would love to have an exhibit of veterans’ artwork as part of our event. Can you refer me to anyone in the Fresno/Clovis area that can help?”

“Good morning. I work at Freedom Village as an addiction counselor with veterans from all eras. I know you’re well connected in the veteran art community and wanted to get your feedback on where we could obtain artwork done by veterans to place in our veterans facility. Your feedback is much appreciated.”

“I’m organizing an art show and sale at Boulder Crest Retreat for Wounded Warriors in Bluemont Virginia. I would greatly appreciate it if you could send me the names and addresses of any interested veterans. Please check out the retreat which is scheduled to open in September. Thank You, Betty”

“I am a Canadian Soldier, I deployed to Afghanistan in 2008. I am not in art school and it is there that I have found an outlet for my trauma. I would love to share my words and my drawings..Lynn”

“I am seeking any and all information for “Artwork by Veterans” because I am interested in starting a program in chicago, Il. Please keep me on your mailing list for upcoming news, programs and events that occur. Thank You! Modie”

“We are looking to feature an organized group of vets with disabilities that creates artwork. We have a rotating exhibit at the University of Minnesota’s Institute on Community Integration (Pattee Hall) that features the artwork of people with disabilities. For a while now, we have been looking to see if there is a disabled vets group that might be interested in partnering with us. There is no fee for exhibiting we can hang and/or assist, and we collect no fee for selling artwork while it is on exhibit. The trade off is that we get to enjoy the artwork for the few months that it is on our wall. Does Artwork by Veterans have any disabled artists in Minnesota that might be interested in exhibiting with us?”

“Hello! I work for VSA, the State Organization on Arts and Disability in Austin. One of our current goals is to engage veterans who wish to take part in creative activity. I was wondering if Artworks by Veterans had any services provided in Texas or if there was any interest to do so in your organization. I really appreciate your time. I hope that you have an excellent week. Oh, and Happy New Year! Best wishes, Emily, Texas”

“We would like to invite any of your artists to also join us on This is another way to display your art and share your experinces. It’s easy to get involved and there is no cost, We are becoming linked nation wide and we want all vets to have the opportunity to share their passion, Jay, director American Veterans Arts and Crafts Gallery.”
“Dear Arts by Veterans, Wonderful web site! Good luck and thank you for supporting our troops. Our web site is dedicated to all veterans and would like to post your banner on our new Veterans Support page. Visit our web site and view the Photo Galleries to see the dioramas which we have created in tribute to all veterans, past and present. If you like what we are doing please pass our web site along to others who may be interested. Thanks. Please send me your banner at your convenience. Best regards, Nick”

Many of these requests have either been for requests for scheduled events, help in displaying their work or starting therapy groups that would have greatly benefited veterans.
I feel it is not fair that warriors are missing out on this type of program because of my inability to keep up with it. We have people donating canvases and paint and hosting art shows for us. Any help is greatly appreciated. There is coordination with museums, shows and galleries for shows and Art jam event creation, scheduling and funding are other areas we need help with. These requests also bring up a multitude of other areas like a zazzle store to sell veteran artwork, people to manage money from art sales and make sure it gets to the right people. Co-ordination with nationwide events at shows and events, and a journalistic approach to interviews maybe even YouTube videos) of artists. A more complex question is with the directors, therapists and Dr.’s requesting info and veterans needing service centers do we farm that work out to the already overwhelmed Veterans Administration or should we take an initiative and see if VFW, lions club, foreign legion, YMCA’s or churches will donate space for art therapy groups? All this and probably more is what I need help with. Right now we are working well out of the Vet Center but we need to know the legal ramifications with regard to funding and advertising veterans artwork or even names. Also not all veterans can go to these facilities as they have certain criteria such as having to have been in theater during a conflict or/and certain medals. Conflicts with donations and Vet center funds for materials and supplies also come to mind.
If anyone can help in any of these areas please contact me at or 757-597-6610

Thanks for your time.
Dan Hawk

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  1. Hi, I have been running an Art Program for the Livermore Veterans Nursing Home for 10 yrs and it has been very successful. We paint every monday and Wednesday from 1-3pm in Bld 90. We use water based oils and will be showing our work on Oct 11, 2014 at the livermore Art Walk.Also have a music program. every friday 1-3pm.

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