Art Created by Veterans

Artwork by Veterans (AbV)
Operation Enduring Freedom

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We seek to help Americans understand military service through artwork created by veterans. By networking with Museums and Curators we provide accessible venues for past and present Warriors. AbV artwork, Art Jams, therapy sessions, events and exhibits reveal the effects of war upon our nation’s Warriors and ways to overcome them.  Art provides veterans with a creative venue for expression, and promotes patriotism in a positive light.

The Five Aims of Artwork by Veterans:

A. Collect, preserve, and exhibit artwork inspired by veterans.
B. Educate the American public about military heritage through the Arts
C. Connect the American soldier to the American public
D. Inspire Patriotism in the community
E. Help our warriors heal through the therapy creating art provides.

In recent years, interests in the relationships between art and healing have become a talking point in the medical world. More than three-hundred professional organizations are researching, documenting, and systematizing how engagement with these creative processes impact PTSD, TBI and Depression. AbV wants to join this conversation by providing a creative venue for our nation’s heroes.

One thought on “Art Created by Veterans

  1. I would like to personally extend to every United States veteran the opportunity to join .
    The American Veterans Arts and Crafts Gallery is s group of veterans from different era’s that have developed a talent for an art or any type of craft. Be it painting or wood work, we would like you to join us. I will help you advertise and hopefully sell you work.
    Check out the website and if this appeals to you, contact me, Jay Emerson, at
    Or 1-207-884-7374

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