Shawna Mayo

JSB Arts

Click on image to go to Shawna’s JSB Arts studio.

Unable to hold employment or successfully retrain/go back to school; Shawna dove head first into the art of pottery. Shawna has found a great therapy in ceramics upon her discharge from the military. Her love of the arts has only helped to propel her forward, allowing her to excel in this artistic medium. She loves to throw clay on the pottery wheel when she is able to. On days when her health won’t allow her to throw, she has many hand building projects that are able to occupy her time.

Shawna is a retired (yes, at 28), disabled Iraqi war veteran. She served for 4 years in the US Army as a combat medic. Right around her seventh month in Iraq, her health took a drastic turn; she began having seizures. While the doctors have not yet been able to nail down a diagnosis, she strives to push forward everyday with the love and support from family.

In an attempt to help support her fixed income by turning something she loves into a business, JSB Arts was born.
I first discovered my love of ceramics in October 2011 when I visited The Pottery, Art, and Writing Studio. There has always been a spark of interest in learning to throw pottery, though I was hoping that I would find some measure of therapy in this endeavor. Thankfully, pottery/ceramics has become just that. The therapeutic affects it is having in relation to my service-connected illnesses/disabilities has been a blessing. My love of art and this broken body of mine have been able to come together in harmony at long last. I have been lucky enough to share my love of self-expression to those closest to my heart; my son, Caden, and boyfriend, Justin.

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