Veterans Display Artwork at Bangor City Hall

by Carolyn Callahan – June 5th 2012 04:02pm

Bangor, Maine – Veterans have a special bond, and now some Maine vets are sharing in more than just war.

There’s artwork on display at Bangor City Hall.

” Some of these guys work for hours and hours on this stuff. It’s incredible, ” said Jay Emerson, director of the American Veterans Arts and Crafts Gallery.

One of the guys is Milton Turner. He put 300 hours into just one of his paintings. It’s all done freehand, with a brush.

” I try to strive for perfection on them and make them really look good,” explained Turner.

Turner is a veteran, and so are all the other artists in the group.

They’re all part of the American Veterans Arts and Crafts Gallery based right here in Maine.

‘ Hopefully it gives them pride in their work, pride in their service, pride in their country, pride in their being,” said Emerson.

For the vets, it’s a way to reflect and do something they enjoy.

” It releases a lot of tension and stuff like that when I get into it,” said Turner. ” It’s a gift that the lord has given me and I thank him for that.”

The group is open to any veteran who has the gift to share. The works have been a hit with people who stop by to take a look.

” They love them, they look at them, they say those are beautiful, awesome, ” explained Turner.

The goal is to raise money to open a permanent gallery where the art can be on display.

If you’re a veteran who would like to join the group, you can find out more a the American Veterans Arts and Crafts Gallery website.

The group is looking for donations to go to a permanent gallery and suggestions on spaces that would be able to house the gallery.

Sgt Dillie’s Thoughts: “Veterans in Maine are sure creating some amazing work.”

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