VAP: Telling Project

The Veteran  Art Program had hosted the Telling Project in 2011 at Stephen Hall Theater in Baltimore, MD. The theatrical telling of their story was very moving.

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Since overseas operations commenced in 2001, the smallest number of American citizens who have ever served during wartime have conducted the 2 longest sustained conflicts in US history: 2.4 million full-time soldiers, or less than one percent of the population, have served during the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan combined.

In April of 2011, Baltimore was the 7th US city to play host to The Telling Project, an innovative production in which local military veterans and their family members, after extensive interviews, performance training and rehearsal, stage the ‘telling’ of their stories of life and the military. In the face of a growing disconnection between civilian and veteran populations, “Telling: Baltimore, MD,” will afford our veterans and their families the chance to speak, and the Baltimore/DC area the chance to listen. Local veterans organizations the Veteran Artist Program, The 6th Branch and the Towson University (TU) Vets Center hosted The Telling Project with three performances at the Walters Art Museum and Stephens Hall at TU.

Over the summer, “Telling: Baltimore, MD” has shifted into high gear with 3 remounts scheduled throughout the Fall and Winter. Our cast of veterans and family members have stepped forward and will be performing at Stockton University near Atlantic City, at the Frederick Arts Council, and in Annapolis at the Maryland Hall for the Creative Arts.

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