Combat Art by A. Michael Leahy

A. Michael Leahy (1933 – 2010) was a retired USMCR helicopter crew chief, pilot and combat artist.  He produced amazing combat scenes that mainly focused on the helicopters he loved, producing great tributes to medal of honor winners and other heros in the US Military.

“Combat art is about people in war; the values and virtues that people believe are worth living and dying for. It is a testament to the living, and to those who have died. Combat art is a channel for memories of those who have served in harm’s way. It passes values down from one generation to another, and another…”

“Combat art tells of our deepest feelings such as: “We held fast to a set of standards and values that was worth anything we had to endure. This is how we spent a part of our lives… It was worth it.”

“Combat art reduces things to bare essentials… like the virtue most highly valued by men in combat… Just keeping the faith with each other!”

To view Leahy works just visit:

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