The greatest Army art collection you never heard of

I would love to go thru this vast Army art collection, hidden under lock and key in Washington DC. I would be like a kid in a candy store.

There’s plenty of money for bombs, bullets and other insanities of war but for lack of funding there lies hidden in Washington DC a treasure trove of the art of war.

The paintings and sketches could be said to be either pro or anti-war but in any case should be on display for all to see.

“Hidden Treasures,” a major art collection, these works are done mostly by United States Army soldiers about Army troops from America’s earliest wars to present day. The collection includes paintings, drawing and sculptures by famous American artists including Norman Rockwell, as well as by infamous Nazis including Adolph Hitler, all hidden from public view behind closed doors in the basement of an office building in Washington, D.C. Rita Braver reports on what she saw – and others can not.

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From CBS News Sunday Morning – 11/15/09 – ART: The Army Collection

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