Amazing Veteran Poetry from a Puget Sound Middle School

At Columbia Junior High School in Tacoma, WA the Art of Poetry that celebrates the lives and sacrifices of Veterans can come in many forms.  Many from this collection of poetry are heartfelt, honest and bring honor to those that serve.  Please check out some of these poems and tell me if any moves you,  post a comment about your favorite.

Here is mine.

Sometimes the World Seems
by Larissa Myschuk

Sometimes the world seems like it’s
Inside out
Torn down the middle
In need of arrangement
Desperate for guidance
Wanting direction
Lacking leadership
Losing patience
Turning and flipping
Backwards and sideways
Speeding endlessly forward
On a path of self-destruction

And the only thing to stop it,
The only thing to calm it,
Is the lives of the men that
Fight passionately
Fall readily and
Die willingly.

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