New Mexico Veteran’s Art Musuem

New Mexico Veteran Arm Musuem 1I was looking through of some of the photo pages in this website and found some beautiful art that had a mix of Native American Folklore and American Patriotism. These particular pieces we from a November 2010 Showing.

According to its website, “The purpose of this organization is to recognize, support, and promote the talents and skills of artists who are veterans or who are serving in the active-duty military or serving in the Reserve or National Guard forces.”

Check out more images and information at:

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One thought on “New Mexico Veteran’s Art Musuem

  1. The New Mexico Veterans Art Association had their board meeting last Sunday 29 Jan 2012 at which time i was appointed to fill an empty board position. And lucky me, I was also appointed to the Public Relations Committee. The committee, I find out is composed of me, another board member who said he will act as an advisor and the person who everyone thought was the Committee Chair but who said she was really not but would give advice when she could. So, I am out on the web trying to find out where to start….and I found your web site and the page about NMVA. I love it. The NMVA is a non-profit organization composed of veterans living in New MExico who think of themselves as artists. We have all services, able and disabled, male and female, young and old, amateur and professional, and possessing a wide variety of skills, abilities, and talents. Our primary focus has been an annual show in November held at the New Mexico Expo (State Fair Grounds). Entry is limited to members of the association, hence the moto “Veterans honoring Veterans. I have been asked to try and spread the word a llttle more that we have in the past. I am delighted to see how you have recognized us. Thank You.

    I welcome and advice you might have.

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