Roy L. Breckenridge – 2010 National VA Creative Arts Winner

Very Patriotic and Stylish interpretation of the national bird and flag.  Roy won the 2010 National VA Creative Arts Festival and Patriots Award.

Gathering Of  Eagles by Roy L. BreckenridgeRoy L. Breckenridge was born in November 1944 as the seventh of eight children. Growing up in the country, prior to the availability of instant entertainment, Roy’s innate talent provided an outlet for his imagination. His constant curiosity about his surroundings, his love of learning and his wanderlust led him to join the military as a U.S. Army Ranger. His military career enabled him to study the people, languages, cultures and wildlife around the world. His career spanned Europe, the Mediterranean, South America, the Pacific and included 3 combat tours in Viet-Nam where he was wounded several times, received multiple awards for valor including the Silver Star, two Bronze Stars, five Purple Hearts, and the Vietnamese Honor Medal. Roy dedicates his awards to his brother Johnathon Three Trees, who presented Roy with his ‘life name’ “Lookingbull”; one who ‘sees’ things others cannot. Roy retired a commissioned officer.

Final Honors by Roy L. BreckenridgeAfter retiring from the military, Roy taught high school in an inner city school system until an accident ended those endeavors. It was at that point, during rehabilitation, that Roy decided to pursue the artistic talents of his youth. Being a natural, self-taught artist he experimented with several mediums until one of the oldest and most unforgiving media, ink, presented itself.

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