Radical Vulnerabililty, NVAM Exhibit: Regina Vasquez

The Radical Vulnerability Exhibit at the National Veterans Art Museum. It features work by veterans of Afghanistan, Iraq, and the Global War on Terror that explore their relationship to personal, political, and social vulnerabilities during a time of war.

Artist: Christopher Arendt
Artist: Edgar Gonzalez Baeza

Artist: Chantelle Bateman

Artist: Greg Broseus
Artist: Malachi Muncy

Regina Vasquez: Semper Fi! Every time I meet a fellow service member I always try and greet them with Semper Fi. My name is Regina Vasquez and I am the Founder of Fatigues Clothesline. I have served honorably for four years in our United States Marine Corps, daughter of a Marine Corps Veteran and Wife of a Marine Corps Veteran I am proud to have earned the title and live the faithful way.

Unfortunately while serving I have experienced many things I pray no one ever has too but I learned later on I was not alone. The only way I was able to start talking about my experience was through Art. It took me eleven years and April of 2010 I finally let it out, I participated in a local Clothesline Event and as I watch spectators look over my t-shirt it felt as if I was getting the justice I deserved. I was finally being heard but in a discreet way. I even pretended to be a spectator t just so I could discuss with some how they felt after reading over my t-shirt. One person said to me, “I can’t believe this happens in the military.”

After the Clothesline event what that person told me never left my mind until one day I came up with the idea of a military style clothesline with the help of other female veterans who experienced the same thing. I ended up naming the military style clothesline Fatigues Clothesline.

I wanted to bring this form of art therapy to many others who survived what I did so it could bring them a sense of justice by sharing in a discreet way their story.

Since my marriage to my husband I never spoke of what happened, I may have hinted here and there but never shared what happened to me. He only knew of the sexual harassment and gender discrimination I had endured but never the rape. When he learned of it, I felt a sense of relief. Now I was able to share why I acted a certain way, it helped him understand why I acted a certain way and we both were able to learn together and cope with my now Post Traumatic Stress Disorder due to Military Sexual Trauma.

Fatigues Clothesline helped bring justice, a sense of closure and it brought my family together.

With every vulnerability comes empowerment and with empowerment comes radical healing. – Regina

For more info visit: http://www.fatiguesclothesline.com/

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