Radical Vulnerabililty, NVAM Exhibit: Greg Broseus

The Radical Vulnerability Exhibit at the National Veterans Art Museum. It features work by veterans of Afghanistan, Iraq, and the Global War on Terror that explore their relationship to personal, political, and social vulnerabilities during a time of war.

Artist: Christopher Arendt
Artist: Edgar Gonzalez Baeza

Artist: Chantelle Bateman

Greg Broseus was deployed to Baghdad, Iraq as part of Operation Iraqi Freedom III. Currently he lives in Chicago, IL where he is finishing his BFA with a concentration in Photography at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

This Artist does wonderful photo work.  Check out his photo blog: http://gregbphotography.blogspot.com/

The series Re-Deployment offers viewers a window into a side of war often over looked; life after war. The body of work focuses on my personal experience of returning home from combat. – Greg

Regarding Radical Vulnerability: In the military we’re taught that the strong survive while the weak perish.

The idea is that if you show weakness in combat, you show vulnerability to attack. This idea is instilled into military personnel and often soldiers hold on to this sentiment when they’ve returned home from combat. Not showing vulnerability is damaging to soldiers, their families and our society as a whole. In my work I’ve opened my vulnerable side partly to heal as well as provide access to an experience many veterans share but most people don’t see.- Greg

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