Radical Vulnerabililty, NVAM Exhibit: Chantelle Bateman

The Radical Vulnerability Exhibit at the National Veterans Art Museum. It features work by veterans of Afghanistan, Iraq, and the Global War on Terror that explore their relationship to personal, political, and social vulnerabilities during a time of war.

Artist: Christopher Arendt
Artist: Edgar Gonzalez Baeza

Chantelle Bateman served in the Marine Corps in Iraq

Amazing Woman,  you should check out her poetry video showing her struggle with PTSD. Jon Orlando tells Chantelle story on his Blog, Great stuff!

I curled up in the screen, warmly bathed in the uniforms of nameless brethren, while my friends poured my own around me. In a brief moment of quiet (everyone around so excited:) I felt the peace of the space and the weight of my memories fall into the paper along with my own tears. It was one of the most spiritual experiences of my life. The ability to physically touch your nightmares, to shape them into your own making, is a gift I will forever appreciate. – Chantelle

Regarding Radical Vulnerability: Silence is hurting veterans. If healing is to come for our generation of vets we have to expose our truths. If change if to come for the community we must create a vision for what is possible. We must tell our stories by any mediums necessary. – Chantelle

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