Wartime illustrations Focused on the Healing and Rehabilitation of Wounded Troops

“The Joe Bonham Project” is an exhibition curated by James Panero,  featuring portraits of injured US service personnel by members of the International Society of War Artists and the Society of Illustrators.  Some Stunning work by official US Military Artists and other illustrators on the struggles after a war.  Showcasing some of the raw emotions and hardships many went through as the recovered through there physical and mental wounds of war. http://joebonhamproject.blogspot.com

Sgt. Jason Ross by Victor JuhaszBeginning on 9/11, 2001, and since military engaging in 2003 with our continuing “War on Terrorism” there have been over fifty-five hundred deaths and 44,000 injuries to out fighting troops. Organized by guest curator and New Criterion Managing Editor James Panero, the ” The Joe Bonham Project” is a group effort of wartime illustrators formed in early 2011 by Michael D. Fay, an artist and retired Marine. Focusing on the healing and rehabilitation of wounded troops, the artists visit military hospitals and engage with their volunteer subjects to document their sacrifices and the process of rehabilitation. This program features a walkthrough tour by James Panero.

– Illustration of Sgt. Jason Ross by Victor Juhasz –


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