Huffington Post Video Highlighting a War Veteran Who Makes Art To Stay Sane And Sober

video by Damon Dahlen

Patrick Dillon, 60, a Vietnam Veteran used to turn to drugs and alcohol to manage his PTSD following the Vietnam War. Now, a sober Dillon spends his time both in EMDR therapy and expressing his horrific memories through artwork made out of found objects on the streets of New York and on the sands of its neighboring beaches. Dillon invited The Huffington Post into his studio to show us the kinds of creations that keep him both sober and sane.

Patrick Dillon, 60, a Vietnam VeteranWatching this video you could feel the pain that Patrick was going through. The sometimes horrific images he depicted in his art screamed out. Very sobering, it lets you really know the true pain some Veterans are going through. I am glad and humbled by the way he is dealing with it in his own way.

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