War Veteran Artist Shows Blood for Brothers

“This is my latest work, it is a sculpture known as “Survivors Guilt” explains Ray Queen. “The use of the blood in the piece is meant to represent the blood that was shed as well as the loss of life in combat. I chose to use pig blood specifically to reference the people we fought against, Islamic Extremists and their abhorrence to anything related to … Continue reading War Veteran Artist Shows Blood for Brothers

Art Created by Veterans

Artwork by Veterans (AbV) Click on the picture to see Art created by Veterans. We seek to help Americans understand military service through artwork created by veterans. By networking with Museums and Curators we provide accessible venues for past and present Warriors. AbV artwork, Art Jams, therapy sessions, events and exhibits reveal the effects of war upon our nation’s Warriors and ways to overcome them.  Art provides … Continue reading Art Created by Veterans

Combat Veterans Art Show in Virginia Beach, Va.

The Stravitz Sculpture Studio and Fine Art Gallery is presenting a Call to Artists for their First Annual Combat Veterans’ Art Show just before Veterans day this year. This is their inaugural year hosting this event and it will be an event to remember. Remember to attend the show 7th through the 10th of November, 9am to 3pm! They are calling all combat veteran, painters, … Continue reading Combat Veterans Art Show in Virginia Beach, Va.

Shawna Mayo

JSB Arts Unable to hold employment or successfully retrain/go back to school; Shawna dove head first into the art of pottery. Shawna has found a great therapy in ceramics upon her discharge from the military. Her love of the arts has only helped to propel her forward, allowing her to excel in this artistic medium. She loves to throw clay on the pottery wheel when … Continue reading Shawna Mayo

July 4th

July 4, Independence Day is a national holiday, a family day and there’s usually a great picnic somewhere with potato salad and watermelon. We most commonly cook burgers and hotdogs on an open grill with friends and family and maybe a beer or two. For a veteran such as myself, however, this holiday takes on a different meaning. You see, I had the privilege to … Continue reading July 4th

Artwork by Veterans Nationwide Group Initiative

We (Artwork by Veterans) would like to see a Veterans art group established in every city in America to foster a community of art. An organization comprised of vets for vets, sharing our battles and our victories in an artistic, non judgmental forum. Please , If there are people that would like to join this cause help us to achieve our goals by sharing this … Continue reading Artwork by Veterans Nationwide Group Initiative